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Help shape the next version of ColdFusion

Help shape the next version of ColdFusion

Help shape the next version of ColdFusion, by ranking these possible features.

Please note I did not come up with all of these features, they are features suggested by a large group of very vocal and visible ColdFusion users.  This data will be used to try persuade Adobe to add the most requested features. There is a spot to suggest your own features as well. Please share this survey with everyone you know that works with ColdFusion.

9/25/2014 Results so far

So I promised on twitter to share the results when I got over 100 responses, so people could see where things are trending.  The survey is still available to take if you have not done so already.




The descriptions are cut off so I listed them again below to refresh your memory:


Modular CF Server - Pick and Choose what is installed. Add/remove pieces as needed. Lower memory foot print, should also increase AMI usage. Lowe attack surface for hackers, can't exploit what is not installed.

Package Manager - Easily install community built packages

More PDF Functionality and LiveCycle type features

Scripted Server Installs. Improve Server Installation and Configuration Scriptability. This would involve improvements to the ColdFusion installer and configuration manager to allow scripted installations in Puppet, Chef, Vagrant, Docker and other container engines. Scripts to install and configure ColdFusion should be made in such a way as to allow the installing individual to keep the scripts outside of the ColdFusion installation. Scripts can be version controlled and used to stand up identical copies of the server using modern automated tooling.

Use most recent java libraries (Solr, Hibernate, etc..) also allow developers to update the JS libraries used for ColdFusion UI generated code.

Remove /CFIDE from Admin for security

Something similar to .NET LINQ common query language that can query anything. DB, XML, JSON, collection of Objects, web services, AD/LDAP, Excel, Lucene, Object DBs, Sharepoint, etc, etc) with pluggable providers to add more via third-parties.

Treat No-SQLDB as 1st class citizens in CF (mongodb, couchdb etc)

Language revamp, eliminate headless functions, implement better collections (ranges, sorted sets, sorted maps). Simplify and eliminate language inconsistencies.

Ability to track every line of CFML code that is run w/ execution time

Command Line (should be pretty self explanatory)