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Topics are selected for CFSummit. Now what would you like to learn?

Topics are selected for CFSummit. Now what would you like to learn?


One of my personal goals in assisting Adobe (along with Dan Wilson & Jason Dean) has been making the conference organizing process more public and transparent than other conferences I have personally been to.  In that regard the vast majority of topic ideas came from the community as they made suggestions to our  public Trello board.  As people came up with ideas, I created cards that people could vote and comment on. We got an excellent out-pouring of comments and ideas. After this, we arranged the cards by popularity and went out to find speakers to go with the card.

At this point we have the topics and speakers firmly set. Speakers have submitted their initial outline and they are starting the long, painful process of crafting the slide deck and building their demos.  One thing I have noticed as a speaker, people always ask me really, really good questions during my presentation.  They ask questions that make me slap my forehead and think,  "*DOH* how could I forget to cover that?" Wouldn't it have been nice if someone could ask me those good questions before I finished my slide deck? 

To that end, we have opened the Trello board to the public again for commenting.  If you plan on being at the ColdFusion Summit this year in Las Vegas head on over to our public Trello board peruse the list of topics and if there is a question on the topic that you have always wanted an answer to, post it on the appropriate card.  Although the public is welcome to comment, this is primarily for the people who have already bought a ticket.

We have a fantastic lineup of topics and speakers, supported by the Adobe engineering team. If you add in the community networking, low ticket price, free license of ColdFusion Builder, fantastic hotel at a bargain rate and fun city venue too boot, this first ever Adobe ColdFusion Summit stands to be a fantastic event!



Click here for the public CFSummit Trello Board!