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Help choose the content for the ColdFusion Summit

Help choose the content for the ColdFusion Summit

What kind of content would you like to see at the Official Adobe ColdFusion Summit this year October 24, 25 in Las Vegas?  Vote and make suggestions now. 

To track what type content you want to see, join this public Trello board. You will need a free trello account to vote and comment on the board.  I have, what I think, is a good mix of topics.  Please help me fill in the gaps by commenting on the "Suggest Topic" card and please help decide what topics are most popular by voting on all the topics you like.  If you have suggestions for what kind of content you would like to see on a particular session, please comment on that topic card.

Things to keep in mind:


  • Sessions should be Adobe ColdFusion centered, but can incorporate related technology.
  • Target audience should be assumed to have a basic working knowledge of ColdFusion. 2 year CF programmer - all the way up to grizzled code veteran.
  • We want a mix of intermediate (tagged green) and advanced topics (tagged yellow)
  • We would like to where possible have topics build on each other but given by different speakers (ORM advanced follows immediately after ORM 101)
  • Vote for topics that *YOU* would truly attend if possible. 


Click here to view the ColdFusion Summit Topic Board


The Content Commitee for CFSummit 2013 is myself, Jason Dean & Dan Wilson along with two Adobe representatives.